Since our establishment in 2005, we have worked with companies that deal in many lines of business, including life science, consumer goods, and highly individualized B2B services. We focus on long-term business relationships with our clients.

You can find some of our clients below:

Consumer goods

  • Fissler

    Fissler is a German manufacturer of high-quality cookware.

  • Cookmal


    Cookmal offers kitchen utensils and accessories.

  • Meyer Optik Görlitz

    Optik Meyer Görlitz produces and sells high quality lenses for photographers.

  • Oberwerth

    Oberwerth designs and sells photo bags handmade in germany.

  • fromAtoB

    fromAtoB is a startup offering a service to find, compare and book different means of transport.

  • Volens

    Volens sells contact lenses online and provides consultations.

  • devolo

    Devolo is a market leader in power-line adapters.

  • Roepke 2000

    Roepke 2000 sells high-quality moving boxes and other removal supplies.

Life Science

  • antibodies-online.com

    antibodies-online.com is one of the largest distributors of proteomics products worldwide.

  • LabFolder

    Labfolder provides platform-independent tools for the organization of research laboratories.

  • genomics-online - cDNA clones, ORF clones, vector based products. Your Marketplace for genomics and transcriptomics.


    genomics-online offers  more than 1 million CRISPR/Cas9 products, cDNA clones, shRNA and kits for gene editing.


  • e-integration


    With Promitea e-integration offers a leading platform for strategic purchasing.

  • camLine


    camLine offers software tools to optimize manufacturing processes.

  • Moser

    Moser provides software designed for the needs of small and medium-sized companies.

  • diabolo

    diabolo develops software that helps craftspeople and small companies organize their business.


    Inform provides planning and optimization software for companies in the fields of finance, logistics, healthcare, and communications.


  • Pack2Go

    Pack2Go is a leading provider of food packaging and gastronomy supplies.

  • Ragaller

    Ragaller is a wholesale trader of gastronomy supplies and food packaging.

Energy Sector

  • Gulf

    Gulf is a renowned manufacturer of lubricants and runs more than 10 filling stations in Luxembourg.

  • LUXPellets

    LUXPelelts delivers high-quality wood pellets for heaters.

  • DCL

    DCL helps companies and freelancers manage fuel for their vehicle fleets using a fuel card system.

  • Lubex

    Lubex provides lubricants and equipment for handling oil and fuel.


  • Chiemsee

    Chiemsee is a leading manufacturer of leisure fashion and accessories.

  • Kappa

    Kappa has been part of the sports equipment market for 40 years.

  • Kronjuwelen

    Kronjuwelen offers jewelry, styling advice, and jewelry-related equipment.


  • inside online

    inside online offers corporate learning services.

  • WIN Communication

    WIN is an advertising agency that runs national campaigns in Germany.

  • SLCR

    SLCR develops highly specialized laser systems used for work on surfaces.

Health Sector

  • Gloryfeel


    Gloryfeel offers food supplements with organic ingredients.

  • Bisping Medizintechnik

    Bisping Medizintechnik is a supplier of medical equipment in the domains of cardiology and heart surgery.

  • Eifelsan

    Eifelsan sells high-quality food supplements and personal care products.

  • Dr. Schuppert Praxisklinik

    An oncology clinic we serve has more than 30 years of experience in cancer therapy.