Our Services

Digital sales works only if all of the parts engage with each other. What good is online advertising if it doesn’t reach the right audience? What is the value in reaching the right audience if your web shop isn’t intuitive? What is the use of a one-time gain if you don’t optimize your measures on a long-term basis?

We support you in three areas:

We design and implement intuitive and informative websites.

We target the right customers and win them over with
online marketing.

We apply online controlling to help your online business achieve long-term growth.

Online Marketing

When your customer has a problem, he or she starts searching for a solution using a search engine. But how does the user get from an initial search query to your website?
We identify relevant keywords based on user behavior and use this data to target your audience via two channels: search engine advertising and search engine optimization.

  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA): With SEA, you book advertisements that we place on the results pages of popular search engines. Based on the data we have gathered, we define the queries that should result in your advertisements being displayed in the results. With SEA, you pay for an advertisement only when a user actually clicks on it.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): During the design of your website, we ensure that the information architecture and technical structure is optimized to be processed by a search engine based on particular keywords.
    We also constantly monitor the relevance of keywords in order to produce fresh and unique content for your website.

Online Appearance

Your website determines how your customers perceive you online. We design and implement intuitive and informative websites with the user in mind by asking questions like:

  • What content is relevant to the user?
  • What information do your customers need in order to make a purchasing decision?
  • Is your website intuitive?
  • Is your offer obvious? What are it benefits for your customers?
  • Do users understand how to contact you and how to buy something?
  • Do your customers actually find you online?

We design your website based on established patterns and insights about your users’ characteristics and derive the requirements for your website based on usage data and research . We improve your website’s online visibility by optimizing its structure and content regarding relevant keywords to ensure that your website appears in search engines’ top search results.

Online Controlling

Our goal is not short-term success but steady, profitable growth for your online business. To achieve this goal, we continuously monitor data in order to improve our strategy and increase your profit while keeping your expenses steady and transparent.

Increasing profit with constant expenses
The data we monitor answers such questions as
  • What is the relationship between expenses and new customers?
  • Which moves have been successful?
  • How are new customers related to your expenses?
  • Which search queries lead users to your website?
  • Which users leave your website and on which subpages?
  • Which users stay on your website and for how long?
  • Do your users understand your website?

We work in iterations and continuously adapt our measures, which allows us to increase your sales while keeping your costs steady.
We also give you all the relevant data on a clearly structured dashboard so you can keep track of your turnover and expenses